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1) A 7-Day Mini E-Course, “Introduction to Mindful Leadership” by Dawa Tarchin Phillips

2) Three Guided Audio Meditations by Dawa Tarchin Phillips
Including: Mindful Leadership, Mindful Influence, Mindful Collaboration.

3) 5 Mindfulness Tools to Boost Future-Ready Leadership by Rich Fernandez of the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute

4) Four of the most popular talks from the Mindful Leadership Summit
at 1440 Multiversity.

  • Scott Shute of LinkedIn - Compassion and the Customer Experience
  • Peter Bostelmann of SAP - How to Make Mindfulness the Most Successful Training in a Global Organization
  • Kathrin O'Sullivan, formerly of Google - Waking Up from Busyness: How to Get More Clarity on How You Want to Lead
  • Rick Hanson, Neuropsychologist - Positive Neuroplasticity: How to Grow Inner Resilient Well-Being in a Changing World

Plus 18 more bonuses!

Your Collection Includes 75 Leadership Sessions

Videos, transcripts & audio downloads for each session

Overcoming Adversity with Mindful Leadership

Developing Critical Leadership Skills as a Mindful Leader 

Daniel Goleman
Co-director, Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence in Organizations and Author, Emotional Intelligence

Succeeding in Spite of Everything: How to Rise Above Obstacles and Chaos to Achieve Meaningful Results

Sandra Yancey
Founder and CEO, eWomenNetwork, a business network organization connecting 500,000 women throughout North America

The Leader's Guide to Thriving in Uncertainty: The Necessity of Self-Transforming

Jeremy Hunter
Founding Director, Executive Mind Leadership Institute at the Peter F. Drucker Graduate School of Management at Claremont Graduate University

Mindful Leadership for Uncertain Times

Kathrin O'Sullivan
Head of Cross-functional Leadership, Google

How Leaders Can Move from Chaos to Calm in Work and Life

Caroline Welch
CEO, Mind Your Brain

How Great Mindful Leaders Can Accomplish the Impossible

Ken Kragen
Creator and organizer of the historic humanitarian projects We Are the World and Hands Across America

How Fear Holds Leaders Back - and What You Can Do About It in Your Own Life

Laura Herring
Psychologist, Founder and Chairwoman of IMPACT Group

How to Access Wisdom to Overcome Complexity

Michael Carroll
Author, The Mindful Leader

Mindful Leadership in Action

Leading by Example: How Mindfulness and Compassion Help Us Bridge Personal and Political Differences

Congressman Tim Ryan
Author, A Mindful Nation


What Mindful Leadership Is and Isn't

Dawa Tarchin Phillips
Founder and CEO, Empowerment Holdings, Co-founder and President, International Mindfulness Teachers Assn.

How We’re Working with Leaders around the World to Promote the Benefits of Mindfulness

Tim Loughton
Member of Parliament in the U.K.

How to Re-invent your Leadership with Mindfulness and Compassion

Janice Marturano
Founder and Executive Director, Institute for Mindful Leadership

How to Develop The Mind of the Leader

Rasmus Hougaard
Founder and Managing Director, The Potential Project

How You Can Cultivate Future-Ready Leadership

Rich Fernandez
CEO, Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute

Seven Keys to Mindful Leadership

Fleet Maull
Founder, Engaged Mindfulness Institute

How To Cultivate Joy and Effectiveness Through Mindful Leadership

Darlene Nipper
CEO, Rockwood Leadership Institute

Building a Mindful Nation Through Inspired Collaboration Across Partisan Lines

Jamie Bristow
Director, The Mindfulness Initiative and Secretariat, UK Mindfulness All-Party Parliamentary Group

Effective Behavior Change

Accountable: How Successful Leaders Achieve Long-Term Behavior Change

Marshall Goldsmith
Recently recognized as the #1 Leadership Thinker in the World and one of the Top 10 Most Influential Business Thinkers in the World

The Neuroscience of Mindfulness Meditation: How the Body and Mind Work Together to Change Our Behavior

Yi-Yuan Tang
Professor of Psychology, Neuroscience and Internal Medicine, Texas Tech University

Why Having Self-compassion Makes Us Better Leaders

Kristin Neff
Founder, Mindful Self Compassion Training Program

Connecting With People: How Interpersonal Neurobiology Can Change the Way You Lead

Dr. Daniel Siegel
Founding Co-director, Mindful Awareness Research Center at UCLA

Sexual Harassment and Gender Dynamics: What The Science Of Power Teaches Us About Being Better Leaders

Dacher Keltner
Founding Director, Greater Good Science Center and professor of psychology, University of California, Berkeley

The Craving Mind: Why we Get Hooked and How we can Break Bad Habits

Judson Brewer
Director of Research, Center for Mindfulness

How to Train Effective Mindful Leaders for the 21st Century

Dawa Tarchin Phillips
Founder/CEO of Empowerment Holdings, Director of Education/UCSB Center for Mindfulness and Human Potential

Mindful Culture and Relationships

The Relationship Bottom Line

Tami Simon
Founder, Sounds True

How to Lead with Mindfulness and build a Conscious Business

Tere Abdala-Romano
Meditation teacher and Board of Directors, InsightLA

How to Effectively Engage People through Mindful Leadership

Diana Winston
Director of Mindfulness Education, UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center

How Mindfulness, Empathy and Generosity Can Help You Become a Masterful Leader and Networker

Ivan Misner
Founder and Chairman, BNI, and called the "Father of Modern Networking" by CNN

How to Expand Cultural Competency and Inclusion Through Mindful Intent

Tanya M. Odom
Tanya Odom, Ed.M. Global Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Consultant and Coach

Mindful Communication in an Age of Diversity and Tough Decisions

Jessica Morey
Executive Director, Inward Bound Mindfulness Education


Society, Equity and Social Justice

How to Build A Mindful Nation

Congressman Tim Ryan
A Mindful Nation

Why It’s Vital for Leaders to Address the Importance of Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

Rhonda Magee
Mindfulness teacher and law professor, University of San Francisco

Why It’s Vital for Leaders to Address the Importance of Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

Tanya Odom
Global Consultant on Civil/Human Rights, Diversity, Equity, and Mindfulness

The Leadership of Undoing Bias from the Inside Out

Viveka Chen
Co-founder, Coaching for Justice

How to Manifest The Power of Connected Leadership: Exploring A Feminine Paradigm for Business

Chantal Pierrat
Founder, Emerging Women

Cultivating Habits of Excellence

How to Inspire and Motivate Others for Excellence in Work and in Life

Mary Morrissey
Founder, Life Mastery Institute and author, No Less Than Greatness

Mindfulness and Pure Performance

George Mumford
Author of The Mindful Athlete and Elite Mindfulness Coach

How to Wake Up 10% Happier and Be More Engaged

Dan Harris
Co-Anchor, Nightline and Weekend Good Morning America

Mindful Leadership in Action

Loren Shuster
Executive VP and Chief Commercial Officer, the LEGO Group

How Mindful Leaders build Momentum and Spread Their Message!

Michael Sandler
Founder, Creative Learning Institute

Mindful Leadership in Action

Jacqueline Carter
Partner and North American Director, Potential Project

How Meditation Keeps Leaders Centered and Focused

Larry Ward
Co-founder, The Lotus Institute

The Fab Five Rules for Success: Proven Principles For Living And Leading At Your Best

Dr. Fabrizio Mancini
Healthy living expert and author, The Power of Self-Healing

Mindful Success and Business

How to Stay Focused on Your Core Genius

Jack Canfield
Co-author, Chicken Soup for the Soul book series and known as America's #1 Success Coach

How Leaders Achieve Influence and Impact Through the Science of Celebrity Branding

Kym Yancey
Co-Founder and President, eWomenNetwork and Executive Producer, Celebrity Science Branding

How to Harness Business as a Force for Good

Rinaldo Brutoco
Founding President, World Business Academy and Board of Directors, Men’s Wearhouse

Building a Purpose-Driven Brand

Trenesa Stanford-Danuser
Former Senior Vice President, Estee Lauder Companies

Realizing Your Potential: How Transforming the Pursuit of Success Raises Our Achievement, Happiness, and Well-Being

Shawn Achor
Founder, GoodThink, he gave one of the most popular TED talks ever, with more than 13 million views

How to Align your Head, your Heart and your Higher Purpose in Business

Yanik Silver
Founder, Maverick Business Adventures and Author, Evolved Enterprise

How to Empower Yourself to Achieve Authentic Success

Natalie Ledwell
Co-founder, Mind Movies

7 Greatest Truths About Success: How Leaders Achieve Financial Independence, Professional Freedom and Personal Joy

Marion Luna Brem
CEO, Love Chrysler and Inc. Magazine Entrepreneur of the Year

The Power of Mindful Marketing

Richard Taubinger & Amanda Pua Walsh
Founder and CEO, Conscious Marketer

Mindfulness, Education and Technology

Lessons from My Time at Accenture: Thriving As A Leader In The Digital Age

Sky Jarrett
Management Consulting Executive, Accenture

Providing Leadership for Our Children: Bringing Mindfulness into the Classroom

Carin Winter
Founder and CEO, Mission Be

How to Use Technology to Develop Joy and Mindfulness

Jonathan Robinson
Author, The Technology of Joy

Leadership Vision, Children and the Mindfulness Multiplier Effect

Rose Pavlov
Founder & CEO, Ivy Child International

How to Use Cutting-Edge Technology for Conscious Entrepreneurship and Spiritual Innovation

Mikey Siegel
Founder, Consciousness Hacking

How Mindfulness Births Innovation and Creativity

Barnet Bain
Filmmaker and Author, The Book of Doing and Being

Cultivating Human Potential Through Mindfulness Research and Education

Michael Mrazek
Director of Research, Center for Mindfulness and Human Potential at Univ. of California, Santa Barbara

Cultivating Human Potential Through Mindfulness Research and Education

Dr. Jonathan Schooler
Professor, Psychological and Brain Sciences at University of California, Santa Barbara

Mindfulness and Compassion in Everyday Life

Leading by Example: How Mindfulness and Compassion Help Us Bridge Personal and Political Differences

Chris Ruane
Member of Parliament in the U.K.

Leading with Wisdom, Relaxation and Joy

Kaira Jewel Lingo
Meditation teacher, Editor: Planting Seeds: Practicing Mindfulness with Children

How to Re-invent your Leadership with Mindfulness and Compassion

Joe Ens
Managing Director, General Mills

How to Understand Your Mind

Daniel Siegel
Founding Co-director, Mindful Awareness Research Center at UCLA

The Mind of the Leader: How to Lead Yourself, Your People and Your Organization for Extraordinary Results

Rasmus Hougaard
Founder and Managing Director, The Potential Project

Caring about Your People: How to Introduce Mindfulness into Your Organization

Tere Abdala-Romano
Meditation teacher and Board of Directors, InsightLA

How Leaders Can Reclaim Their Lives Through Mindful Living

Melli O’Brien
Founder, Mrs. Mindfulness Blog and meditation teacher

Mindful Purpose and Integrity

How to Cultivate Greater Leadership Presence

Rev. angel Kyodo Williams
Founder, Center for Transformative Change

How to Live a Values-based R.I.C.H. Life

Dina Dwyer-Owens
Brand Ambassador for Neighborly Brands (formerly Dwyer Group), former CEO of Dwyer Group, and Chairwoman of International Franchise Association, with brand revenue of one billion dollars

You Are What You Believe: Simple Steps to Transform Your Life

Hyrum W. Smith
Co-Founder and former CEO, Franklin Covey Company

How to Lead with a Wise Heart

Tara Brach, Ph.D.
Founder, Insight Meditation Community of Washington, DC

How to Be True to Yourself and Lead Yourself First

Melli O'Brien
Founder, Mrs. Mindfulness Blog and meditation teacher

How to Create Mindful Engagement that Benefits Your Organization and Community

Eric Forbis
Founder, Wisdom for Life

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