We’re thrilled you’re joining us for The Mindful Leadership Online Training Conference!

For your convenience, we have created a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

When is the Mindful Leadership Online Training Conference and how do I watch it? +

The Mindful Leadership Online Training Conference is October 17-26. Each day you will be able to view about three new sessions, plus the sessions from the day before. That gives you 48 hours to view each session. Here is the link to view the sessions - you use the same link every day: https://mindfulleadershipconference.com/daily/

I have yet to receive a confirmation email for the event. Am I signed up? +

Immediately after you signed up for The Mindful Leadership Conference, we sent you an email with the subject line "[MLC] IMPORTANT: Your Welcome Pack and Conference Instructions". If you have not received this, please check your spam folder, promotions/events inbox in case it was misplaced. If you are unable to locate the confirmation email anywhere in your mailbox, please click here and follow the instructions.

How do I access the daily pages with speaker videos? +

Once you register you will get all the information from us via e-mail. There is a new mailer for each day that will be sent out to participants with links to daily pages with videos.

How do I access my FREE GIFTS? +

The free gifts for signing up for the conference are here.

Where can I find the speaker schedule? +

You can access the Speaker Schedule here.

Can I access the videos and/or audios on my mobile device or iPad? +

You should be able to access the videos and audios on any mobile device and iPad.

I bought the Conference package. How can I access my login info? +

Click here and then enter your email.

(If you get an 'email not found' error, please be sure to enter the email that you ordered under. If there's still a problem please email: support@mindfulleadershipconference.com)

You will get an email response by the system titled:  "Reset password instructions".

Enter your own password (8 character minimum) and you are on your way! Click the conference name on the top left to enter the website.


Is there a refund policy? +

If for any reason The Mindful Leadership Online Training Conference doesn’t meet your expectations, please email support@mindfulleadershipconference.com to cancel your membership. A full refund is available within 30 days after the conference begins on October 17.

I have a different question ... +

Please make sure that your question is not answerable by one of the points above. Then click here to send an email to our support staff. We strive to answer each email within 24 hours.